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Tollie Teaching

Packing boxes to take to the King's Home.

Women's Retreat

Habitat for Humanity project

Mission trip to Israel

Mission trip to Costa Rica

Habitat for Humanity project

Mission trip to Liberia

Out of the Boat always meets on the second Thursday of each month in the chapel at Capstone Church, 4115 Watermelon Rd., Northport Alabama. Until the pandemic situation changes, we will meet virtually.  You can watch the monthly Bible Study via OOTB’s Facebook page or Tollie’s personal Facebook page.  You can also subscribe to OOTB’s YouTube channel and watch the study livestreamed each month. In OOTB 2021, Tollie will be teaching her verse by verse study of Colossians.

Every Tuesday at noon and 6 PM (CST), Tollie leads a Zoom Bible study called Tuesdays with Tollie. This is an in-depth study called True Story, which is for students of the Bible who are looking for a deeper dive into the Scriptures and their implications for our lives. Contact Tollie at  to obtain the Zoom link for this vibrant study.